Leyla, Devon’s Mom & Lori, Wes’ Mom

Our Mission:

This group is for mothers who have lost children.  Our mission is to provide an opportunity for kinship with each other; a place of mutual understanding, and a sense of belonging through shared similar experiences.   A safe place where one can look around the group and see others who are also trying to put the pieces of their lives together again.   Kinship encourages healing and with healing comes hope.  No matter your child’s age, the circumstances of their passing, or length of time since your loss, it is our hope that you will join us.  We are two moms who are walking this journey together.

Image courtesy of Steve Heaslip

Hearts Hope Healing

“Let me come in where you are weeping friend and let me take your hand...I who have known sorrow such as yours, can understand.”                                ~ Grace Noll Crowell ~