Worldwide Candle Lighting Ceremony

​~~And I will light a candle for you, to shatter all the darkness and bless the times we knew~~

We will hold our Candlelighting Service on December 10, 2023 at:

The Cotuit Federated Church
40 School St., Cotuit, MA

Doors open at 6:00 PM, Service starts at 6:45 PM.

Bereaved families and friends are invited to participate in a global wave of light to honor the lives of our children.
This is a non-denominational worldwide candle lighting event in remembrance of all the children who have died at any age, from any cause.  

The ceremony will include music, readings, and speaking our children’s names.

Please bring a votive candle and a framed photo of your child to be placed on our altar.


Members of Hearts Hope Healing have gotten together in the past to create memorial arrangements and have them available at the local Candlelighting service that we had in Cotuit.  We will not have them this year however.  If you want to make your own, here are the instructions:


1. Container  – a standard size  loaf pan or similar water proof planter works best. 
2. Oasis/floral foam – depending on size of the container – 1 to 2 bricks (can be cut to size)    Can be purchased at any store that carries craft supplies
3. 5 taper candles – size and color of your choice
4. Assortment of evergreens (from your own yard or can be purchased at a garden store).   
5. (optional)  Any decorative accents you prefer I.e., pine cones,  ribbon,  decorative holiday picks…be creative!
6. Pruning shears


Soak the oasis in water overnight   

Arrange the oasis in the container so it fits snugly – may have to cut some pieces 

Candles are added next - cut the wick of the candle a bit

First candle should be placed in the center of the container – push down gently to secure – at least an inch or more.

Evenly space the candles from the center candle close to the edge of the container

Gather the greens – branches should be trimmed to about 6 inches or less and pull off about 2-3 inches of the bottom foliage so that you can stick the green into the oasis about 2 inches to secure; continue with this process until you have the desired effect; as you go along, look to be sure to fill in any holes or gaps where the oasis is exposed.     If needed trim the foliage that may be too tall anywhere but especially near the flame.  Finally, add any decorative items that you wish. 

If you want to do the candle lighting without making the arrangement, 5 candles of your choosing – tapers in holders or votives work just as well. 

Here is the Holiday Memorial reading that goes along with the lighting of the candles. 

This ritual can be done singularly or with others, anytime or multiple times, as a way to include your child in the holiday season, creating hope for us and joy for them.